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My Kitchen and I


At 27, I still live with my parents. A small part of me wants to have my own place.  However, I find it more convenient to stay in our house and enjoy the comforts of home. Plus, this gives me every opportunity to experiment with minimal expense. So the biggest part of me dictates I should stay home for the time being.

Given this situation, I am now embarking on a journey to create my own kitchen at home. Excuse me Mom, I will leave you with just one choice; to step aside and let me work alone. (evil laugh)

My wish list for kitchen appliances is:

Tabletop Electric Oven

Coffee Maker

Food Mixer


Fruit Juice Extractor

Sandwich/Waffle/Pancake Maker

Electric Grill

Ice Cream Maker

Yesterday, I went to SM Appliance store in Megamall to check out and window shop kitchen appliances.  I feel like I need to buy everything from the cooking range down to the airpots.  Well, I can dream on.  After satisfying my imagination and my eyes, I focus on what I can and cannot buy at the moment.  Of course, the coffee maker comes first.  I got a new 12-cup Coffee Maker to start my journey to kitchen-dom.

On my next shopping, I am planning to get a tabletop electric oven and start exploring my baking skills.  I think I have to get a food mixer as well.  

I’m counting 6 to 10 months before I can buy a good ice cream maker.  I never thought it’s going to be that expensive, the cheapest I found cost around Php 50,000.  Am I going to start an ice cream store?

Anyhow, this is all too exciting for me and I can’t wait to start my kitchen adventures.