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When you love, you smile, cry, laugh, get mad, dream and fail.  These various emotions are essential and only after mustering the courage to embrace all these can you fully appreciate the beauty of love.  No matter what, you have each other.


Every falling leaf is waiting for a garden to blossom
Thus hand in hand, they braved through the rain and storm
Every butterfly is waiting to take to the sky and dance
Thus, they have to weave a cocoon first
The most scenic sea coast is often very winding
Only then would one reminisce about its beauty
If you were not further away than the sky and out of reach
How would my courage ever appear
When you finally came right in front of me
The picture is thus completed
Even if I had to taste the bitter sweetness before this
Now only happiness will remain
Only I can understand this feeling of bliss
The beauty is worth giving everything I have, in pursue
To be able to meet you, know you, like you and love you
I am grateful for every tear that I shed
Only you can understand how precious I am
Please continue to be gentle, in exchange for my bright smiles, day after day
Till eternity it will be for us.