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Food finds in Antipolo City: QIZIA Café


 I always love weekends. Who doesn’t? More than a time to relax and get away from the stress of working days (school days for some), I love the weekends because I get to share it with my fellow regular pioneers and visit my friends and Bible students.

Every weekend, I usually go to Antipolo City spending the whole day with Rhona and visiting our deaf students. Sometimes, we work together with other pioneers. We start at 8:30 a.m.

Our territory covers the whole of Antipolo City; for the meantime though, we were only able to cover about 25% of it. Serving as regular pioneers brings so much joy. Despite the long walks, hot summer days and strong rains, there are always reasons to be joyful.

This particular Saturday (August 7, 2010), Rhona and I got two great finds.

 First, we were able to find a shortcut linking Nayong Silangan (southeastern part of Antipolo) to Loreland-Ahon (southwestern part of Antipolo). What used to be a 60-peso fare is now reduced to 15 pesos plus a 10-minute walk. Rhona and I were so happy when we found this road.

After our preaching work for the day, we decided to give ourselves a small treat. So we headed to this new café near Unciano Medical College. QIZIA CAFÉ. This was our second find. It just recently opened sometime in the first week of August. Rhona and I passed by a few weeks ago to check on the prices, just so we know how much it would cost us.

I did not bother to take pictures of the place since it is really bare, just the tables and chairs and the counters. No paintings, flowers or other stuff yet. I think they are still finalizing the final layout and concept of the café. But we liked the fresh colors of green and orange, plus touches of browns. It feels comfy.

Rhona ordered crispy pork belly. She loved it, especially the side dish: tomato and mango salad. I ordered beef salpicao. I loved how generous the serving is plus the tender beef and sautéed mushroom. It felt like eating in a fine-dining resto minus the price. After lunch, we ordered coffee. And I was surprised that Rhona could do café art. I tried it myself but I guess I am not as gifted as her.

For the lunch and coffee, we spent about Php 370. It’s decent considering the serving amount and the quality. Next time, we are going to try their desserts. The cakes and pastries look delectable.