Still Dolce @ 28


Mom and Dad celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary through a dinner at Max’s Restaurant.  It was a close family affair.  Just the five of us – Mom, Dad, Myslef, Deng and Janelle.

happy 28th anniversary!


 We usually celebrate their anniversary at home and invite family and friends to come over to enjoy family favorites prepared by my mom.  These favorites include but not limited to: roasted herb chicken, inihaw na bangus, kare-kare, lechon kawali, sinigang na hipon, beef steak, sisig, lumpiang shanghai, Mom’s pancit canton and our all-time favorite buko pandan. 

This year, we decided to give Mom a rest from all the cooking.  So we opted for Max’s to serve our favorite dishes. 

 As I had to come from work, we decided to meet up at 7:00 pm.  Deng arrived an hour and a half earlier to set up our little surprise.

 Max’s is a family favorite. It’s the second restaurant I memorized right after Jollibee. We loved the way they fry the chicken and I personally love the caramel bar.  It’s best to eat with coffee or peppermint tea. 

The family dinner started with a prayer to thank God for my parents’ good health and their strong relationship.  My dad used to work abroad, thus, Deng and I practically grew up without him around.  It was different with Janelle’s because she was born when my dad retired from work.  I could see how my dad treated my youngest sister and in a way, I knew it would have been like that for Deng and me.  Since my dad’s retirement, I saw my parents’ relationship grew every year.  It’s funny how they would have little disagreements and I would find myself torn in between. Being the eldest daughter in the family, I get to hear each side’s argument.  I know that they know what they are doing but it feels good to be trusted by them. 

The food was served after half an hour and we enjoyed our favorite fried chicken, boneless bangus, sinigang na hipon and kare-kare.

Just before dessert was served, the service crew brought in our surprise – a bouquet of flowers!  I think I saw tears in my mom’s eyes but she held them firmly.  She smiled and I knew she enjoyed the gesture.  Plus the fact that other diners were probably looking at us and admiring her bouquet.  She surely enjoyed the moment.


We shared the cake and each had buko pandan.  Although Mom’s version is still unbeatable!

 Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Stay Dolce!


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