Two-day Crash Diet


My cousin and her boyfriend will tie the knot this Saturday and it is quite a privilege to be chosen as Maid of Honor. While it is an exciting day, one of the common fears is how to fit in your gown come the event.

They got my measurements last July and added half-inch allowances. Come November, I was called back for final fitting. Guess what? The dress fit exactly. It looked perfect but the designer asked me to maintain my current size until the wedding day. I just smiled thinking it’s going to be easy.

I was wrong.

First problem was I couldn’t quit drinking Starbucks’ Espresso and Frappes. Aside from being a coffee-lover, I am also collecting stickers for my planner. Second, December is a time of get-togethers and reunions. I’ve been meeting up with friends and officemates over dinner. Sometimes, I just eat salads during our meal.

I enjoyed Pizza Hut’s Waldorf and Sicilian Salad and Cyma’s Tonnos Salad.

With just two days before the wedding, I am down with my last resort to ensure that I fit in my dress: crash diet.

For two days, I am planning to just eat fresh fruits and juices. Definitely no rice and meat. But I just cannot live without coffee. Sorry. To top this crash diet, I’m filling myself with alkaline water. I know it is not a really good idea, this crash diet but what can I do now?

Wish me well!

Pizza Hut Bistro's Waldorf Salad


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