Kiss Cafe


carbonara supreme

I’m hunger… a common expression among my college friends every time we feel very hungry.

Today, it does not help that I am thinking of Chocolate Kiss and their delectable food and pastries.  Just two weeks ago, I got the chance to visit this quaint little shop.  The original café is located at the 2nd floor of Bahay ng Alumni, inside UP Diliman Campus. 

To date, there are two other branches.  One is located at the ground floor of Bahay ng Alumni while the other one is along Roces Avenue, Quezon City.

Back to the food.  My favorite staples at Kiss are Carbonara Supreme, Puttanesca,  Devil’s Food Cake, Date Walnut Cake and bars and their homemade iced tea. Yum! Yum!

The carbonara is so creamy with lots of bacon! And so affordable too.  Their version of puttanesca is just mouth-watering with lots of olives and fresh tomatoes.

No matter how filling the pasta is, there is always room for the cakes.  After all, these sinful pastries are their signature products. So I cannot allow myself to leave the premises without trying either Devil’s Food Cake or Date Walnut.  For this particular trip, Ate Joey and I both had Date Walnut Cake.  Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!

The cake is moist and it gives you a feeling that  each bite will melt in your mouth.  But the chopped dates and walnuts add texture, gives a twist. I just love it!

To complete this food fest, Kiss’s Iced Tea is the perfect drink.  It’s homemade.  It makes you think of summers spent in your mom’s kitchen. Hahahaha

Every Chocolate Kiss experience is memorable. When will be my next visit?

devil's food cake


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