Food Trip 1: Sakura Yakiniku Restaurant


This is the official start of my unofficial food trip with Zha. First stop, Sakura Yakiniku Restaurant. I called it unofficial food trip because I haven’t formally discussed this adventure with her. But by the time she reads this, I guess it will become official.

Sakura is located at the 2nd level of Glorietta 4. I usually pass by this area but never really got the chance to dine in. A few months ago, I was craving for a Japanese snack (description: tangy, pod-shaped, orange-colored chips). I couldn’t find them in supermarkets nor in Aji Ichiban. Then I remembered Sakura. Voila! They have stocks! One bag costs Php 130, consisting of 4 packs.

I got curious because they sell and serve Japanese products. I told myself I will return to this store to eat.

Yesterday, I had the chance to finally eat in Sakura.

I tried California Maki and Spicy Tuna Sashimi. Verdict? Awesome!

The presentation was simple but the food is sooooo great. I am very happy with my Spicy Tuna because it beats all Spicy Tuna I ever tasted. Their serving, one big bowl, is good for four persons. I ate almost 2/3 of the serving. Hahahaha

The good part of it all, the prices are reasonable. Food on their menu costs Php 100-300. The Spicy Tuna costs Php 188, same with the California Maki.

I am planning to go back soon and try their desserts!


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